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                November  18, 2013


For anyone that didn’t know, last week was my 27th birthday, and it was the best birthday yet! Well, except for my fourth birthday where my parents rented out a McDonalds Play Place for a few hours.


One of my presents this year (besides numerous Outback Steakhouse gift cards) was tickets to the 4th Annual MAC Off – a contest where the most talented, creative, and skilled chefs in Brooklyn compete on who makes the best macaroni and cheese. That’s right. A macaroni and cheese contest.


I was in heaven.


The event took place at Littlefield in Brooklyn, and it was the most perfect venue for an event like this. I had only ever been to Brooklyn maybe three times before, so it was nice to venture out and see a part of town I see visit so infrequently.

While waiting in line, my friends and I were surrounded by the ultimate BK hipsters, where conversations went like, “Macaroni and cheese is so mainstream,” or “I liked M&C before anyone else did, so…” I was actually expecting someone to make a dish using macaroni in the shape of a mustache, but to no avail.


Upon entering the MAC OFF, we were directed to a table to pick up our complimentary cider beer, brewed in Brooklyn of course. Then, we picked up our little bowls, plastic forks, and the ballets where we vote which of these 15 macaroni and cheeses was the Ultimate MAC.


Naturally, we started at number 1, which was macaroni and cheese with bacon. Done. After tasting this classic, yet delicious concoction, I was finished for the night and wanted to just get third and fourths, but alas, my friends dragged me to try 14 more.

I guess I will never know who won the MAC-off. But, I am okay with that. All that matters is that I had a wonderful night out, filled with friends, new experiences, and most importantly, cheese. I cannot wait until next year to do it all over again.


There was macaroni and cheese with cut up jalapeños, short ribs,  shrimp, and brussel sprouts. The cheese options went from cheddar, Swiss, and American to gruyere, gouda, and goat. No two dishes had the same noodle, either. There was macaroni and cheese made with pumpkin and another with duck. There was something for everyone!


It was so nice to walk from table to table, get free M&C, and talk to the chefs who so passionately believe in this comfort food. Once we went around the room and tried each and every one (sometimes going back for seconds) it was time to cast our votes! What a tough decision it was. They were all truly amazing and so inventive. I wish that I could have placed a vote for all 15, but that was against the rules – even though I begged.


So, I went back to my first favorite, good ole number 1 and gave them my vote. We ended up leaving before the votes were tallied, and I have checked the website and Facebook page and it has not been posted – which, again, is so Brooklyn.

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