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                December 2 2, 2013


My 27th birthday was over a month ago, and during that time, I was blessed and spoiled with gifts from my family and friends. Clothes, money, dinners, and a gift card to a restaurant in New York City called “The Baconery.”


My friend Rebecca, who has always been my fellow-foodie gave me the best gift of all: the gift of bacon. Apparently you wear a bacon costume once for Halloween and now everyone knows your love and passion for pig fat.


She told me there was this café on the “upper west side” of the city that had everything bacon and we needed to go!


On Wednesday afternoon, Rebecca received an email from the restaurant saying “Hurry in! We are closing our location the 29th of December!” Since we both would be away for the holidays, we checked our calendars (mine was still in the packaging) and moved around plans so that we could both be available to experience everything “The Baconery” had to offer.


So, on Friday night we met up at their location on 103 and Columbus. Once off the subway, I looked around and thought “This ain’t the upper west side.” I walked to the restaurant and got a table and waited for Rebecca to join me. While there, I took a look around and perused the menu. They were right – it was all bacon.


The walls were covered with pictures of bacon, how to say bacon in every language, and even a list of The Bacon Rules.


After learning how to say bacon in Polish (bekon) and Spanish (tocino), I 

started looking over the menu. Sandwiches with bacon. Macaroni and cheese with bacon. Cookies with bacon. Lollipops with bacon. They even had a bacon tasting section where you could order and eat pounds of bacon in one sitting. This menu was bacon me extremely turned on and hungry.


Once Rebecca arrived, we ordered our appetizer, 2 strips of bacon dipped in milk chocolate and covered with red and green sprinkles, you know, to be festive.

The bacon was so crispy and combined with the chocolate, it had that perfect blend of sweet and salty. For our main course, we both decided to have a The Wilbur – a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and plenty of bacon goodness.


For dessert, we each got a bacon-infused lollipop. I know, it sounds weird, and it kind of was when you realized you were licking a lollipop with bits of bacon in it. But once you got past the weirdness, it was actually pretty delicious.


But, as I mentioned before, this cute little café will be shutting its doors next weekend, but they will still have their baked goods and merchandise for sale online. Pick up some chocolate covered bacon, t-shirts that say “B.Y.O.B.”, “Feel like Bacon Love” and “Got Bacon?”, and their specialty – bacon covered with 23 carat gold (I know.)


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