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March 16, 2015

My favorite holiday is just one day away – St. Patrick’s Day. The day where we switch out our drab black and grey wardrobe to a bright green blazer, listen to bagpipe music on Spotify, and drink beer. A lot of beer. New York City is one of the most fun, and most festive, cities to celebrate St. Patrick, the holy Saint of Hangovers. Here are my favorite Irish pubs and where you should make an appearance sometime tomorrow!

1. McSorely's

Notes as Manhattans oldest bar, McSorely’s is located in the heart of the East Village, but when you enter, you will feel like you’re in a 1930’s gin mill. Having only two beer choices, light and dark, this makes for an easy and informal trip to the bar. Since McSorely’s is usually crowded on a Thursday afternoon, expect this NYC gem to be insanely crowded all day. But don’t let that deter you from stopping in and grabbing a pint of dark beer.


Menu Item to Try: Liverwurst Sandwich with Raw Onion 

Stout, a modern pub with two locations (one in the Financial District and one on 33rd) is one of the most exciting spots to throw on some green beads, get a huge group together, and party the night away. With the midtown location having three floors (yes, three…) this is one party you don’t want to FOMO. Did I use that right? I don’t know. I heard it on a commercial the other day and I’m trying to keep current. 


Menu Item to Try: Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers (with avocado ranch dressing) 

2. Stout NYC 

Like McSorely’s, Molly’s is pretty damn old. I went here for dinner last year when I was told they have the best mozzarella sticks in the city. Skeptical of this allegation, but also intrigued because: cheese, I headed down to Gramercy to give an educated decision. And guess what? They were amazing. I don’t want to say the best mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had because that’s a pretty drastic statement, but I was extremely impressed. If you are in the area this St. Patrick’s Day (or next Monday) stop in, grab a beer and an order of their homemade mozzarella sticks. You won’t be disappointed. 


Menu Item to Try: Uhh, the Mozzarella Sticks. Dummy. 



3. Molly's 

I know. I KNOW: Times Square, Tourists, Elmo, Yuck. I get it. Times Square is not exactly where you want to be during a holiday. Especially one known for its extreme partying. But, by chance, I went to O’Lunneys for a few drinks last St. Patrick’s Day, and it was INSANE. They had a live band playing every Irish jig you can think of (…I could only think of one) great food specials, and they also don’t roll their eyes at you when you order a round of Irish Car Bombs. (Yes, this will happen at 90% of the places you visit tomorrow).


Menu Item to Try: Shepard’s Pie 


4. O'Lunney's in Midtown

5. Paddy Reilly's 

Wow. That bar just screams “Irish” at you. Known to be the first (and maybe only) all-Guinness-draft, this music bar is a definite stop on your pub crawl tomorrow. Having live performances of Irish folk music and Celtic rock, this is the place to go if you love live music. Get here pretty early tomorrow for a non-stop party.


Menu Item to Try: Guinness.  

I hope these helped you and your friends decide on where to stop tomorrow. In any event, have fun, wear green, and be safe!! 

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