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February 18, 2015

While everyone was out celebrating Valentine’s Day and seeing 50 Shades of Grey, I was celebrating the weekend with my one true love: Food.


Food, this year, was my Valentine (unlike last year when Netflix won over my heart). Food is always there for me. It never breaks my heart. Food is patient and food is kind. And we had a wonderful time together. 


I ended up in Staten Island on Sunday morning, a NY borough I have been completely avoiding due to the myths of self-tanner and acrylic everything. But, while on my visit, I got the chance to go to escape the snow and enjoyed a fantastic brunch at Pasticceria Bruno. 

Having originally started in Greenwich Village, Pasticceria Bruno is a ridiculously good pastry and bakery that has a wonderful location in Dongan Hills in Staten Island.


The menu was your pretty standard brunch menu, evenly split between breakfast items and lunch items. Since it was before noon, eating a cheeseburger didn’t seem so appetizing, so I chose to stick with breakfast, since it’s the meal of the day I most often skip.

I ordered the spinach eggs benedict while my friend had the black raspberry pancakes. While we waited for our food to arrive, we were given a plate of fresh fruit and some pastries and muffins. I think this was the first time I had ever had an appetizer at a Brunch.


Once our food arrived, my dish looked so good, I almost forgot to take a picture. The spinach eggs benedict was served over two pieces of challah bread and topped with hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached perfectly and the spinach was a nice adjustment from the usual Canadian bacon. 

The pancakes looked awesome. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a taste, but I heard through muffled chews that they were great!


Since, in NY, you cannot serve alcohol before noon, we didn’t get our complimentary mimosa until after we paid the check, but it was actually nice that way. Instead of gulping down champagne before the food even arrived, it was great to take our time and enjoy the beverage.


I suggest if you are ever in Staten Island that you make time and visit Pasticceria Bruno for a wonderful brunch, lunch, or even just a pastry. 

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