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                December 10, 2013


This past Sunday, my friends and I decided to be hip and trendy and go for brunch. It was a good excuse to get out of bed, shower,  shave, and put on clean underwear. Oh, and to hang out with friends.


My friends Kathryn and Kevin just moved into an apartment in Hoboken and invited us all over to come see it (send me a private message for the address). After pretending to like the curtains and saying things like, “Wow, what a spacious bathroom!” and “Is that stove electric?” we ventured out into the freezing 30 degree weather for a good ole fashioned brunch.


The chosen place was 3 Forty Grill in downtown Hoboken and it was awesome. It was right by the water, very quiet and secluded. And the napkins were made of cloth. I know.


Like most restaurants do, 3 Forty has a brunch “deal” where you get an entrée with a choice of 2 mimosas or 2 blood mary’s for $25. Not bad at all. Back in our youth, we would always find the brunch places that had unlimited drinks, cheese sauce for the eggs, and that ones didn’t require shoes.


But we are sophisticated now, so having only 2 drinks at brunch on Sunday seemed perfect. “Who wants to get drunk in the middle of the day?” Kevin asked the table while putting ice into his mimosa and tucking his napkin into his shirt.


The brunch menu was decent in size, with dishes ranging from steak and eggs to eggs benedict to a frittata. While all sounded amazing, my eye was drawn to the breakfast sandwich: a croissant with scrambled eggs, ham, and Gruyere cheese. My taste buds were watering just thinking about it, until Laura, to my right, ordered the sandwich.

Now, I never order the same thing as someone else does at the table. There is no reason 2 people should order the same meal at a restaurant, you know? But, having shared that, there was no way that I was going to say, “I’ll have the same.” Plus, I knew that if I buttered her up and pretended her jokes were funny, she would give me half the sandwich anyways.


Which she did.


So, I ordered my backup meal selection: The breakfast burrito. A warm tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, Monterey Jack cheese, and spicy chorizo. The burrito was served with some amazing breakfast potatoes and an arugula salad. I only ate one of the sides. Can you guess which?!


The ambiance was so nice and we luckily sat at a great table right next to a window, where we could watch people walk their dogs, go for a run, or other ways to waste their Sunday. Even though I left without a buzz, my stomach was full and I was satisfied, which is sometimes a better high.

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