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     July 26, 2014


There is a restaurant by me new apartment called BareBurger and I am sure many of you have been there or at least heard of it. Essentially, it is an organic burger joint with a giant menu of all different types of burgers and sandwiches. Starving and desperate to sit outside, I went to BareBurger for dinner.


I have been to BareBurger twice: Once I went had the best bacon cheeseburger of my life. The second time I went was part of my vegetarian challenge and I ordered a Portobello mushroom sandwich which was…far different than a bacon cheeseburger.


Tonight, I decided that I would try the quinoa patty. BareBurger has fantastic

vegetarian options, from salads to black bean and veggie burger patties. Having

enjoyed all of my experiences with quinoa, and with a helpful recommendation

from our waitress, I ordered the quinoa patty with blue cheese crumbles and

lettuce and tomato.


I was extremely nervous when they placed my meal in front of me. I have always

vowed to never eat a “veggie patty” because it goes against everything I stand for.

But, July 25, I changed my beliefs.


I picked up the burger, closed my eyes and took a bite, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It did not taste horrible. In fact, it was actually kind of delicious. Even though the patty was jam-packed with vegetables and quinoa, I really could not taste it (the extra blue cheese crumbles and mayo helped).


I told my friend that it was so good, I would even consider ordering this when I wasn’t a vegetarian anymore. It was filling without leaving me tired and fatigued. I felt like I just ate a very healthy dinner, even though it was essentially a burger.


Well done, BareBurger. You have officially made me a fan of quinoa. And onion rings (but that was already a given).

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