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January 4, 2015




I know. I go to The Outback way too much. I get it. Seriously. I am even embarrassed by this post. It’s just that everyone gave me an Outback gift card for Christmas (I wonder why…) so I needed to use them all.


I wont sit here and go on a tangent about how it is my favorite restaurant and how just being there puts me in a good mood, but I will go into one digression: it absolutely sucked not being able to order the cheese fries appetizer.


Sucked isn’t even the right word. It was awful. Dreadful, even.


The cheese fries is my favorite menu item and not being able to have them, especially with that amazing ranch dressing that comes on the side really made me regret my dairy-free challenge. But, it made me try something new. So, we ordered the Tassie Chicken Bites. Basically, they are just small strips of chicken, fried and tossed in a buffalo sauce. And they were pretty good!

For my meal, I ordered the Outback burger with bacon. I figured by putting as much meat on the plate at once, it would take away my cheese craving.


It kind of did the trick? I made sure my burger was cooked as rare as they could make it so it wouldn’t be dry. 


Yes, it was just a bacon burger and it was good. I promise more exciting meals in the future. 

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