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     July 9, 2014


Desperate to get out of the house, I begged my friend to meet me for dinner so I could have something “fun” for dinner and not my normal 3 grilled cheese sandwiches.


Oh, and to socialize and catch up. But…the food was more important to me.


                                                      We ended up going to Blockheads on the Upper East Side for an al fresco                                                             dinner. Having been to Blockheads numerous times, I did not have to look at                                                         the menu. I knew I wanted to get the quesadilla, filled with cheese, rice,                                                               beans, and guacamole. Paired that with a frozen watermelon margarita, I was                                                       good to go.


                                                      It’s so weird how eating outside makes food taste better, but it definitely                                                             does have an impact. This was also a good obstacle in my challenge, because                                                       when the waiter asked if I wanted to order chicken to my quesadilla, I said “no” confidently. I realized that I didn’t NEED to have the chicken.


I was so full and satisfied from my quesadilla and so drunk from my margarita that I slept like a little vegetarian baby last night.

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