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June 5, 2015


Don’t Worry, Bibi Happy is the tagline of Bibi Wine Bar located in the East Village, and it is impossible to be anything but happy when you go here for happy hour after work.


Most happy hours in the city knock off a dollar for draft beer and end around 6:30, which is insane because who even gets out of work that early to enjoy a $7 bud light? Bibi’s happy hour goes until 8pm and includes both wine and small plates.


Located on a pretty desolate street (4th between A and B) this bar is extremely quiet, cozy, and comfortable with extremely pleasant bartenders and wait staff. One of the best features about their happy hour is that select bottles of wine are only $20. I know when you go to a bodega, you can get a bottle of wine for $9, but it is extremely rare to enjoy a bottle of wine at a bar or restaurant for less than $35.




My friend and I decided on a bottle of Garnacha (a medium bodied red (I don’t know what that means)) and started looking at the food menu since we were both starving.


The bar snacks that were on the happy hour were Meatballs in Marinara, Pigs in a Blanket, and Bruschetta. So, naturally, we got all three. But, because they were titled “snacks” the portions were a little smaller, so after we finished, we asked for the regular food menu to pick out something else.


The meatballs were amazing, the pigs in a blanket were just like mom used to make, and the bruschetta had prosciutto, Pecorino cheese, and grain mustard. Everything was seriously unbelievable – and for only 4 bucks each! 


We ended up ordering a cheese plate to finish off the night, and since we were kind of buzzed from the wine, we asked our waitress to just pick out her favorite four cheeses…which I cannot remember the names of. But, I mean, it was cheese so we both loved it.


I really enjoyed everything about my experience at Bibi and I am more than certain I will return for another bottle of wine and those pigs in a blanket. If you love wine and cheese, check this place out – it’s perfect for catching up with friends and first dates (there was a Tinder date happening right next to us and it seemed to be going very well…) 




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