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April 7, 2016

One unusually cold April evening, my friend – and fellow blogger – decided that we needed two things: a double date and an amazing cheeseburger. She had been to this place called Salvation Burger where she swore she had one of the best burgers ever. Up for the experience, we all met there after work to catch up, have a few beers, and yes, eat cheeseburgers. 

Salvation Burger is relatively new, having just opened in February by chef April Bloomfield in the Midtown East area of NYC. Upon walking in, the smoky smell of freshly made BBQ sauce puts the customers in the mood for one hell of a dining experience.


Our foursome sat along the wall, with over 200 wine bottles and clay cheeseburger art as our backdrop.


The menu is extremely small* – with just 3 appetizers and only 5 entrees listed – so it didn’t take us long to pick out our meal: 4 Classic Burgers, 2 orders of fries, and 1 giant hotdog to split. After the food and drinks were ordered, we began our night of inappropriate conversation and story-telling. 



The hotdog arrived first, an amuse-bouche if you will, and they weren’t kidding – it’s huge! Topped with dill, onions (?) and mustard, this dog was nothing like the ones sold on the street. 

A few minutes later, heaven arrived. A double patty cheeseburger smothered in homemade cheese, pickles and their special sauce served on a bun made in-house. Normally the fastest eater at the table, I took my sweet damn time in consuming my dinner. I wanted to make sure I tasted every bite. I may have even finished other people’s burgers when they deemed to be “too full,” a phrase as unspoken by me as “a light lunch” or “that’s the gym I go to!” 

And of course, dinner with two bloggers present isn't complete with a photoshoot, where we had to practically work the entire night, making sure we got the perfect shots!



*While the regular menu is pretty limited, the dessert menu is full of pies, shakes and boozy shakes. Unfortunately, we were too drunk for dessert. 


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