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June 9 , 2014

For those that do not know, I recently relocated to Astoria, New York last week, and there are SO many restaurants I am dying to try. I asked my friends who live in the area for some great restaurant recommendations and each and every one of them mentioned Sweet Afton over on 34th and 30th. “They have amazing macaroni and cheese,” they said.


I was sold.


On Friday night, my new roommate and I decided instead of eating Hot Pockets (me) and a kale salad (her) for dinner, we would venture out into our new neighborhood and see what the deal was with Sweet Afton.


Upon arriving, I had no idea what to expect. Was this place going to be fancy? Was it counter service? I envisioned a dark bar-like place, full of couches draped in red velvet and an old-timey jukebox.


It was nothing like that.


It actually had a really cool atmosphere. Lots of wood and benches, complete with an outdoor patio. Unfortunately, there were no spots left outside, so we sat at a small table by the window. One of the great things about this place is that they have hand-crafted beers (I don’t know what that means, but it’s on their website). I am horrible with knowing what kind of beer is what, so I just told the waitress to bring me something as close to a Bud Light as she could. She suggested the Ommegang Witte and rolled her eyes.


I looked over the menu and immediately spotted the macaroni and cheese.

Against my New Year’s Resolution (to order mac and cheese whenever it is

on a menu) I decided not to order this dish because I was going out to a

“dance party” later on and…well…you know.


So, I went with my second option: A cheeseburger.


I know most of my posts on here are about cheeseburgers, but it’s so hard

for me to order something new or exciting. Especially at a new restaurant.


The burger came equipped with sharp cheddar cheese and four pieces of

thick-cut bacon. It didn’t come with fries (yeah…) so I had to order them as

a side – but I am glad I did. Some of the best French fries I have ever had.


My roommate, who is a vegetarian (yeah…) ordered the grilled portabella sandwich and it actually looked pretty good – even if it was just a mushroom with lettuce and onions.


I would definitely go back to Sweet Afton, especially because it is just a few blocks away from my new home, and I will be trying the Mac and Cheese…so stay tuned.


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