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May 22 , 2014


As mentioned in many previous posts, brunch is one of the best things to do in the city. Especially now, with the weather (finally) warming up, going to sit outside on a Saturday, enjoying a delicious meal and a alcoholic beverage is the perfect way to waste an afternoon. And this past Saturday was no different.


After many emails and texts about where we should go, my friends and I finally settled on this place called Barraca in Greenwich Village. When we arrived to the restaurant, we were given the option of sitting inside or outside, but seeing that it was one of the first actually warm days we have had in months, we unanimously agreed that we would enjoy our brunch al fresco.


Barraca is mainly a French tapas restaurant, not your typical “I want to get drunk and eat eggs benedict” kind of brunch places. We looked over the menu and saw they had a small tapas brunch menu, along with French toast (which they just called toast), pancakes, and a burger. But where their food menu lacked, their drink special prevailed: All you can drink sangria for 15 dollars.


And they had about ten different kinds to choose from.

Wanting to get drunk more than eat, we decided to just order three of the small sharable plates and hopefully fill up on the fruit from the sangria.


We ordered the dates wrapped in bacon, the patatas bravas, and the jamon croquettes – all three of my favorite things to order at a tapas restaurant. The food came shortly after our second round of drinks and it didn’t take long for us to dig right in. Me, loving anything fried with cheese, eyed the ham croquettes like they were my children, smacking away my friends fork if they came too close.

When we first decided on sharing three of the small plates, I

have to admit I was a bit fearful I would still be hungry and

have to do a McDonalds pit stop on the way home, but it

turned out to be just the right amount of food. The potatoes were fried to perfection and the aioli it was topped with was amazing. The dates wrapped in bacon were delicious and, since it’s kind of a fruit, it helped us feel that we were eating healthy.


And, naturally, the jamon croquettes were delicious.



Always leaving room for dessert, we ended the meal with an amazing fresh cheese dish with honey and roasted nuts. All in all, Barraca was a fantastic place to brunch and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves sangria!


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