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May 26, 2015

I have lived in Astoria for a little under a year now, and I am always surprised at the abundance of great restaurants are in the area. It seems like every time I go for a walk (which is rare because I’m lazy as shit) I find a brand new restaurant to try. 



Last weekend when I accidentally got off at the wrong stop on the train, I passed this new place on 30th avenue called Stix. It is a Mediterranean restaurant with a few other locations in the city, but I had never heard of it and thought it seemed like a great spot for a light meal.


The menu is mostly skewers (served on sticks…get it?) but there are some great appetizer and shared plates available as well. My friend and I decided to split the tzatziki and spinach pie while we decided on our main course.


Tzatziki with pita bread is one of my favorite things in the world and their spinach pie was fantastic. Best one I think I’ve ever had. 


For my entrée, wanting to try as much as possible, I ordered a chicken skewer, a lamb skewer, and the fried macaroni and cheese balls, because, that’s what I get wherever I dine out. 



The meat skewers were phenomenal – especially the lamb. So tender and juicy that they fell right off the stick. The mac and cheese balls were also amazing! Not as good as the Cheesecake Factory ones, but the best ones within walking distance.



If you are in the Astoria area, or you want to, I don’t know, visit me and see my new apartment (ahem) we can travel the few blocks and enjoy Stix! 






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