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April 20,  2015

I love cheeseburgers, if you couldn’t tell. And I am always in search for the next best burger. Whenever I go out to eat to a new restaurant, I always want to try something new. Something I don’t get to eat very often. But, more times than I am afraid to admit, I order a cheeseburger and fries because I am too hungry and too nervous to try something I may not like. And I know that a cheeseburger will fill me up and keep me satisfied until my next meal.


Last Friday night, I went to The Ainsworth on 26th and 6th for an end of the week dinner and drinks. Originally, I had planned on getting the chicken and veggies dish because it seemed healthy and, let’s face it, my pants don’t fit me quite like they used to. But, just as I was about to order I noticed something. I noticed these 4 words that stopped me from ordering boring grilled chicken. Macaroni and Cheese Burger. 

Macaroni and Cheese, in case you weren’t aware, is my favorite thing in the entire world. Growing up, it was my comfort food and no matter how many times dad hit mommy at the dinner table, I was never bothered or upset if I had a nice bowl of creamy M&C in front of me. So, put my favorite thing in the entire world ON TOP OF my other favorite thing? I would be crazy not to order it.


When this gorgeous meal arrived, the macaroni was overflowing on top of the medium-rare burger patty and spilling all over the plate. I almost didn’t even have time to take a picture, it looked so good.


Not only was the burger patty topped with macaroni and cheese, it was sitting on top of fried macaroni and cheese, also.


I have eaten many a cheeseburger in my life, and I have to say, hands down, that the macaroni and cheese burger at The Ainsworth is the best, most flavorful and filling burger I have ever had. I didn’t even care that my pants button popped halfway throughout the meal.


Please. If you like macaroni and cheese and burgers (and great drink specials) I highly suggest you head to the Ainsworth for a fantastic dinner!




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