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March 25, 2014


One of the best things about New York City is the food. And one of the best meals in New York City is, yes you guessed it, eating at a food truck at 3am in the Lower East Side, giving you all of the nutrition you need to make it back to your house (or to the next bar for last call).


The second best meal in NYC is brunch.


Brunch is great because it gives you the excuse to drink (get extremely drunk) at 1 in the afternoon (Not like any of us need an excuse, right?) My favorite type of brunch is when you get a big group of people together and celebrate a birthday, or an engagement, or finally taking the leap and shaving your head because you were slowly losing your hair.


Whatever the occasion, brunch is the perfect way to celebrate!

Last month (I know, sorry this is late) I went to Agave to help celebrate not one – but two friends’ birthdays. And since we had such a large group, we were granted access to sit in…The Tequila Room.

Yes, it was exactly as magical as it sounds.


The Tequila Room at Agave is a private room located in the very back of the restaurant with a “U” shaped table, giving the group of 20 a chance to all see and speak to each other. But who the hell wants to talk when margaritas are unlimited and bacon is on the menu?


Once the group was sat (albeit a little bit after the reservation) we were greeted by pitchers of margaritas and mimosas and 8 plates of chips of guacamole. Yes – 8. If you do the math, that’s a plate of guacamole for every 2.5 people. If you can’t do math, that’s a wonderful portion of guacamole. The VERY BEST part? The bowl housing the guac was made out of a tortilla shell. Delicious and convenient!

After the 20 of us dove into the appetizer, we placed our order, poured ourselves a round of drinks, and learned that we, too, could control the music selection for the room by hooking up an iPhone, iPod, or Walkman.


We sat at the table, drinking, talking, laughing, drinking, and listening to the best of the 80’s until our food arrived.


I ordered the Southwestern Eggs Benedict – poached eggs sitting atop 2 English muffins, with tomato, avocado, and a creamy hollandaise sauce, served with breakfast potatoes. Muy Beuno!

I had a chance to see what everyone else ordered, and it all looked amazing. The burrito, frittata and huevos rancheros were all my second choices.


I know not every brunch is as large, exclusive (or fun), but this was definitely a meal I will remember! The next few hours are things I will not…

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