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     July 2, 2014


For the month of July, I have decided that I am going to cut out meat from my diet and live a vegetarian lifestyle. For some, this seems like an easy challenge. But for me? The guy who puts bacon on his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? This is not going to be smooth.


The first day was easy. Granola bar for breakfast. Egg salad sandwich for lunch. 2 bags of chips as a snack. Piece of cake! (I want cake…) But the real challenge was going to be dinner. Usually for dinner I make chicken with rice or walk to Wendy’s for a large #2 Combo Meal. But not tonight! My roommate texted me and said that she was taking over the kitchen and was going to make me my first vegetarian meal!


My roommate is a vegetarian and has been the one pushing this change on me. She doesn’t get sick or uncomfortable when I am eating a double cheeseburger, but she just insisted that after eating vegetarian for a month, I would feel more healthy and energized to work out.

would make so much fun of her, sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating carrots like they were Pringles. But now, for the next month, that will be me.


My first dinner (that she cooked for me) was a kale pesto dish with whole wheat pasta. Usually a fettuccini alfredo fan, this was an excellent meal and a great way to ease myself into eating healthy. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish; it left me feeling light and satisfied. I didn’t have stomach pains and I didn’t feel exhausted after eating it. I felt energized enough to put on my sneakers and go for a nice run.

I didn’t, because…Netflix. But I am excited about trying new things and expanding my food horizons. Please join my on my journey to better health!

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