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       July 21, 2014


Last week I went to a restaurant in Astoria called Il Bambino and had an out-of-body experience with a roasted eggplant Panini. Desperate for those 15 minutes of euphoria again, I went back to Il Bambino for brunch.


Not only do they have an amazing selection of Panini’s and crostini’s, but they have a pretty decent sized brunch menu. Nearly every item on the brunch menu had some sort of bacon on it (well done, Bambino). Not wanting to ever EVER say the phrase, “Can I get this without the bacon?”

Another positive thing about this place is that all of the brunch sandwich names were a fun play-on-words. There was Notorious P.I.G (the one with all the bacon), The Fun Guy (came with mushrooms) and my personal favorite, Sir Oink-A-Lot.


Since I can’t have meat and it WAS the Lord’s day, I ordered the Cheesus Christo, scrambled eggs, blue cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, potato chips (yah, I know), and a garlic aioli.


It was very good! The cheeses all blended very nicely together and I left feeling very satisfied, once again. Was it as good as the roasted eggplant? Nope. Will I be going back and trying to Getting Piggy With It Panini? Absolutely.

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