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       July 23, 2014


“What’s for dinner?” is a question I often get asked now living with James (The Hunger James) and a question I go all day waiting to hear. Sometimes he chooses TGI Fridays 10$ all you can eat appetizers over my cooking, but hey- I’m okay with that because tonight it was my turn to cook again.


As he was running out the door this morning he yelled “Vegetables, I need vegetables!” Perfect! Vegetables are my specialty. As you know, my last meal (Day 9: Roasted Potato Quinoa Salad) received 5 kale heads so I’m under a little pressure with tonight’s dinner. Having the day off I had plenty of time to plan and decide on the perfect meal.


During my morning afternoon run in 90 degree weather, I quickly decided I was

not turning on the oven tonight. It is way too hot for that!


So what’s for dinner? A green bean and quinoa summer salad. Fresh, crisp green

beans mixed with quinoa, chick peas, toasted sunflower seeds with fennel and

cumin, all tossed in a homemade vinaigrette.

Now, I have heard that you are either a lover or a hater of fennel, so for the haters

I would stay away from this dish, as it was strong in the fennel flavor. But for me,

I loved it.


When trying any new recipe there is always room for improvement. The green

beans could have been a little crispier and the flavor a little bolder, but overall it

was the perfect meal for a hot summer day.



By Lacy Mills 

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