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     July 5, 2014


Today after work, my roommate introduced me to hell.


Hell is the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle at 6:00pm.


Before today, I had never been inside of a Whole Foods before, and I have to say, I was extremely anxious throughout my entire shopping experience. Everyone in the store was so thin and weak, they could barely push their shopping carts full of quinoa and asparagus stalks.


“Where’s the cheese aisle?” I kept asking the workers.


My roommate decided she would cook for me (again) since we would be both skipping a social life for the evening and just hanging out at home. I left the grocery shopping in her hands and trusted (and hoped) that whatever she decided to make would be good, filled me up, and went well with red wine.

When we got home, I poured myself a bottle of wine while she blasted the George Strait Pandora station and began her prep. The meal for the night was Mexican Stuffed Peppers.


I had only had stuffed peppers once, and they were stuffed with ground beef, so I knew these would be a tad bit different. I looked at her cutting board to see just what exactly was going into these peppers. Carrots, onions, mushrooms, corn, black beans, rice and quinoa all made a special appearance. “I have a feeling I’m going to be making a grilled cheese tonight,” I said, figuring this wouldn’t come close to filling me up.


I was wrong.

This was one of the most filling meals I have ever had. We (she) ended up making 6 stuffed peppers but I could barely finish the first. It tasted just like a burrito…but in a red pepper and not in a flour tortilla. 

Between the pepper and the guacamole appetizer, I was full and satisfied and even said, “This vegetarian stuff ain’t half bad.”

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