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     July 5, 2014


Today is the fourth of July. A day (usually) spent at a BBQ, smelling the scent of hotdogs and hamburgers grilling in a backyard somewhere.


But not this year.


Originally, when I made the pact to go vegetarian for the month, I was going to allow myself to eat a hot dog on the fourth, because patriotism. But, when I was invited to a festive brunch (hosted by a vegetarian), I knew that my dream of a foot-long frank was going to be a fictional one.


Being raised right, I knew that I could not go to a brunch (which was also a birthday party) without bringing something. Usually in these circumstances, I grab a 6-pack of Bud Light and call it a day, but having this month-long challenge of expanding my tastes and interests, I figured this would be a good time to actually COOK something vegetarian.


Muffins, banana bread, and a fruit salad all seemed too boring and impersonal. I needed to make something that would fit with the theme of a “brunch” while also testing my culinary talents. And this is when I decided upon a quiche.

I have never made a quiche before, but a few of the recipes I found on Pinterest seemed easy enough, so I went out, bought my ingredients, turned on my Salt N’ Peppa radio, and began to chop and dice.

The recipe I chose called for onions, red peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. The first three were all ingredients from the stuffed peppers the night before, which was extremely convenient. Forgetting to pick up a pie crust, I decided to make them into individual quiche cups using a muffin pan and paper liners. This made my dish easy to transport and also, fit in with the birthday motif.


As soon as they were done, I popped one in my mouth, knowing I had to check if I was going to poison the ten or so people that would be enjoying my dish. Luckily, I did not die, but I noticed that they were a little bland. Perhaps more salt, pepper, and shredded cheese would have made these bite-sized quiches pack a little more flavor. But hey, I’m learning.

Everyone at the party loved them, and I thank them for lying to my face (and then spitting them up in a napkin where I couldn’t see). For my first vegetarian cooked meal, I would have to say it wasn’t half bad.


Oh, and as a side note, while at the potluck party, I tried vegan bacon and I have to say – tastes just like the real stuff!

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