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     July 7, 2014


Today I was feeling adventurous and experimental, so I decided to cook (from scratch) a vegetable lasagna. Usually on Sundays, when I’m not napping or sleeping on the couch, I like to make a big meal that can be portioned out in little Tupperware containers for my lunches for the week.


Before July, I was usually making a chicken and rice stirfry, but since I am not eating meat (ugh, I hate typing that every time), I researched some easy-to-cook meals by Googling:, big meal, no meat, very easy.


The first link that appeared was NSFW, but the second was a recipe from “Bored Moms” that featured vegetable lasagna. I wrote down the ingredients and headed out to the grocery store.


This being the first time I was food shopping without my roommate, I was very nervous that I was going to buy leeks instead of spinach or cherry tomatoes instead of plum. After spending about 20 minutes and 40$, I was all set to head home and start cooking.


There were only four cooking directions, so looking quickly I figured I could prep, cook, and eat within the half hour.

It takes a long time to cook vegetable lasagna. First, I had to dice onions,

garclic, zucchini and squash and then cook them using a skillet for about 5

minutes. While the veggies were “simmering”, I took the 30oz of Ricotta

cheese and 10oz of spinach and mixed them together. Lastly, the part I

completely forgot about was to boil the water and cook the noodles. Once

everything was ready, the next part was easy!


Layer the sauce, then the noodles, then the cheese, then the veggies, and

repeat three times. BAM! I placed it in the oven for 45 minutes, and prayed

it was at least edible.


When the timer went off, I walked to the oven with much trepidation. I said a

quick prayer to St. Emeril and hoped for the best. I took it out and placed it

on the table and was shocked. 

It looked AMAZING. I suddenly got the biggest smile on my face. “I made that! I made that!” I shouted through the kitchen window to my next door neighbor.


Sure, it looked great. But how did it taste, you may be asking yourselves. Well, I’ll tell you. It tasted FANTSTIC. There is nothing more rewarding than spending two hours in the kitchen, preparing a meal and having it turn out incredible.


Now I have a vegetable under my belt and also my lunch for the next week!


Like to see me cook one of your favorite dishes? Send an email to and let me know!

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