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May 28, 2015

A few weekends ago, my friend and I ventured out to Brooklyn to visit the Raaka Chocolate Factory for a tour. Since Brooklyn is horribly inconvenient, we ended up missing our tour because we needed to take 2 trains, a cab, and a boat just to get to the factory. Trying to make the best out of a bad situation, we decided while we were in a new area, we might as well enjoy it. So, we did what any twenty-something does when they have nothing to do on a Saturday. We did brunch.


After standing in the middle of an intersection in the middle of Brooklyn, both looking frantically on Yelp, we finally found a spot that had reasonable drinks, a decent food menu, and outdoor seating. 

The restaurant is called Abeline and it is located in the Carrol Gardens neighborhood. It has a “Southern” charm that was overlooked and disregarded by the abundance of hipsters and bikes parked outside. To start off, we both ordered the raspberry vodka lemonade, hoping that it would quench our thirst on this really hot day and help us forget we were in Brooklyn.


It did both of those things.


When it came time for our meal, my friend Rebecca ordered the huevos rancheros while I played it safe and got the eggs and bacon scramble. 

I have no idea what huevos rancheros is, but it sounds like something you can order at a Taco Bell at 3am. It was served with potatoes and beans topped with sour cream and salsa. My dish was scrambled eggs, mixed with bacon, tomatoes and cheddar cheese, served with home fries and a biscuit.   


Both of our meals were satisfying and the six mimosas we ordered after were equally as satisfying and refreshing.


This was a really quaint spot in a really cute part of Brooklyn, even though Brooklyn is the one borough I never want to find myself lost in again. If you live in Brooklyn, or are there checking out used record players or looking for a nice fedora, check out Abeline! 

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