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September 29, 2014

Many of you have been badgering me about writing another post of me cooking a meal, so to please my seventeen followers, I have obliged your request.


I spent my Sunday just like many of you did: Woke up at noon, ordered two bagels and cream cheese on Seamless, illegally downloaded a movie and took a nap. When I woke up around 5:30, I opened my fridge and saw two sticks of butter and a Coors Light bottle. I needed to go grocery shopping.


The pain about going grocery shopping in a city is that you must walk to and from the store, hindering the amount of food you can actually purchase and carry home. This is why I usually pack up the essentials: coffee, coffee creamer, and sliced deli cheese every time I go. But last night, I decided that since I slept the day away, I would be productive and attempt at cooking myself a meal.


During my vegetarian challenge, my roommate found an amazing recipe for a pesto and goat cheese pizza that was amazing. Eating that pizza made me feel guilty I ever found so much joy and pleasure in a Pizza Hut or 2 Bro’s.


While at the grocery store in Queens, I found all of the ingredients I needed to make the pizza except for one main ingredient: the dough. “You guys don’t have whole wheat gluten free fresh pizza dough here?” I screamed at the lady at the Key Foods Customer Service. She just shook her head giving me the “why the hell would we?” look.


Now it was time for me to get creative.




















Now, I do not endorse many products on this blog (if you give me money I will…) but The

Magic Bullet is one of the greatest advances in technology to date. I scooped all of the

elements out of the processor and put them in the clear plastic container. Placed it on the

bullet and voila: pesto sauce after 2 minutes.


What I should have been doing while I was making the pesto sauce was to put the English

Muffins in the toaster to save myself some time, and since my toaster only holds two at a

time, this set me back about 15 minutes.


Once all the muffins were lightly toasted, I smeared some pesto sauce on each and topped

with creamy goat cheese and slices of tomato. I placed them in the oven for 10 minutes,

opened that can of Coors Light, and patiently waited for my dinner to be ready.




Growing up, every Wednesday night my mom would make pizzas on English   muffins, and that was my jam. There was something so good about eating       tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on a Thomas’ English Muffin that           Dominos could never compare. Being “healthy” I chose the whole wheat         muffins and headed to the check out.


When I got home, I laid all of my ingredients on the counter, put on Pandora and took out the food processor to make the pesto. The recipe calls for         cooked broccoli florets, basil leaves, and olive oil for the pesto sauce. I           inserted all ingredients into the food processor and turned it on. But it           wouldn’t work. I texted my roommate asking if the food processor was broken and she replied that it needed to be locked “the right way” in order to work. I’m not a moron. I know how to lock the food processor and it was clearly notworking. After fifteen minutes of aggregation and Pandora commercials, I resulted into Plan B: The Magic Bullet.


As you can see, they turned out pretty damn good! And I am proud of myself that I only ate 3  4 of the 12 that I made, leaving this a fantastic after-work snack or hung over morning breakfast. When my roommate finally returned home, she was impressed with my cooking skills and said they tasted pretty great! I went into the whole incident involving the food processor and told her that I locked it “correctly” and she must have broken it the last time she used it.


She walked over to the counter and turned to me and said, “Yeah, you’re right. You did lock it correctly. Only thing is, it needs to be plugged in to work.”


Here is the link to the recipe and I encourage you all to make this pizza and get creative! ALSO, please like@the_hungerjames on Instagram! For every follower I get, I will go a day without eating cheese.


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