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June 11, 2015

If you have been an active reader of my blog, you know that I absolutely love Tapas and I have been to some amazing tapas-style restaurants since living in NYC: The Barrel, Cork N’ Fork, and Kashkaval to name a few.


I enjoy going out with friends and collectively decide

on what we should get to share. I really feel you can

tell a lot about someone by the types of tapas that

they eat. Those who say “let’s get a few orders of

patatas bravas and the mac and cheese” are my best

friends. Those who want to get “an order of green

beans for the table” are people I have since deleted

from Facebook.


Continuing my journey of the best places to in the

New York City area, I was lucky enough to try another

amazing Tapas restaurant located in Staten Island

called Beso.


Now, when I was told I would be eating at a Tapas restaurant in Staten Island “just a few minutes from the ferry terminal” I have to say I was a little fearful and tense. But once I walked into the charming and cozy dining room, I was completely stunned. It had such a warm atmosphere, dimly lit, and smelled absolutely delicious.


Upon looking at the menu, the first thing I noticed was there were no Patatas Bravas. How can that be? They are a Spanish Tapas restaurant. Patatas Bravas are a necessity, God Damnit! Although completely annoyed, I figured that it gave me the opportunity to try something new.


The menu at Beso is huge! There is literally so much to choose from and I was getting overwhelmed. Luckily, the pitcher of sangria helped me calm down. Since we weren’t that hungry, we ended up only ordering two things to share: The Chorizo Quesadilla and the Bistec Cabrales. 

Normally when you order tapas, the plates are so small. That is why when these two hit the table, I was amazed at the amount of food. The quesadilla was unbelievably good with the perfect balance of chorizo and cheese. And the steak… Let me just tell you about the steak. I honestly haven’t had a steak this good in years. The dish was served with 8 slices of filet (medium rare) topped with melted blue cheese crumbles. It was seriously so good and no matter how many adjectives I use will not do it justice. 


I wish that when I went to Beso, I had a big appetite because I would have loved to try more things on the menu. The homemade guacamole sounded awesome and so did the Quesa Frita (fried goat cheese…come on). This only means that I will have to hop on that ferry and head back to Staten Island!


…But this doesn’t mean we didn’t get dessert. Check out the fried ice cream and the dulce de leche cheesecake! 

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