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August 26, 2015

I have two favorite things in the world. One of them is bar food and the other is alliteration.


Anyone who has ever given up on their gym membership knows about Wing Wednesday, where local bars and restaurants discount their wings to a cent value for one particular night a week – and because I am sure they love alliteration just as much as I do, they are usually on a Wednesday.


I am always in search for the best deal in the city, so I am always on the lookout for a taco night or a burger special. When my friend informed me that Rathbones Pub on the Upper East Side had a wing night every Wednesday, I knew that we had to go check it out the next time we got together.   

With these types of bars, there is usually a drink special that coincides with the wing night, which makes the night even more enjoyable and cost-efficient. We ordered a $10 pitcher of Coors Light and then 15 wings each, as an appetizer. About 2 beers later, our wings arrived at the table, with the buffalo sauce so strong it cleared up my sinuses.


The wings were pretty good and came in a decent size. Sometimes you go to these wing nights and there is one bite of chicken on each wing. The wings at Rathbones were very meaty and actually filling.

But not filling enough.


After our order of wings was just a plate of bones, licked clean, we ordered mozzarella sticks and potato skins, because we hate ourselves that much.

The entire experience was really great. Good food plus good beer always equals a good time. Did I want to kill myself on the walk home? Yes. Did I vow never to eat chicken wings again? You bet.


Am I going again tonight? Of course.

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