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April 21, 2016

Usually when people think of Staten Island, they think of unsanitary orange ferries and Italian families screaming outside to their neighbors.


Well, that’s what I always thought.


But recently I have noticed that aside from the risky means of transportation and the slew of mobsters hanging by the pier, incredible restaurants have been added to my bulleted list of Staten Island features.

I have had countless great meals from many different places on the Island. From an authentic Italian dinner at La Fontana, amazing tapas from Beso, meatballs and martinis from Meatballs & Martinis, and a genuine taste of N’awlins from Bayou. 


Bayou is located on Bay Street in a tiny space adorned with Mardi Gras beads and masquerade masks hanging from the ceiling. The sounds of Louie Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald fill the air as diners feast on the very best cuisines from Louisiana, including crawfish, jambalaya, and huge glasses of hurricanes, filled with just enough alcohol to make you feel like you’re on Bourbon Street. 


I had been to Bayou once before a year ago and remember how unbelievably delicious the deep-fried Jambalaya rice balls topped with a lemon-basil aioli were. So, naturally, we got 2 orders.

For entrees, they have so many different dishes ranging from alligator bites to ribs to crab cakes – a true taste of New Orleans fare. Starving and feeling the need to “treat myself,” I ordered the Steak Louis, served with potato wedges and a blue cheese salsa. Yes, you read that correctly. A salsa made entirely of tomatoes and blue cheese. I was in heaven.

Veal Parm from La Fontana

Blue Cheese Filet from Beso

Meatballs Marinara from Meatballs & Martinis 

Another entrée ordered at the table was the seafood jambalaya, a mix of every single shellfish you can find. Since I am deathly allergic to shellfish, I couldn’t try it, but from the groans and growls, I understood it was really good.​

Having never been to New Orleans before (but dying to go) Bayou really satiated my taste buds for Louisiana flair. The music, the drinks and the food truly gave me the feeling of being down on the actual Bayou. So if you are ever in Staten Island – or just craving some good ole creole cooking – head on over to Bayou. You won’t be sorry.


Just don’t make eye contact with anyone on the ferry.


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