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December 31, 2014

As the end of the year approaches, we tend to sit back in retrospect and think about the past year. The memories we made, the places we traveled, the stories we shared, and most importantly, the food we ate.


After being harassed by Facebook to look at my year, I noticed two things: my eyes are really, really, really nice and I ate a lot of food. Since I can’t find my personal essay on my baby blues, I figured I would write an end of the year reflection post on my year in food.


Where do I even begin? Is what I say when I reach a Chinese Buffet or a 16 Handles. But, in this context, where do I even begin in telling you, my beloved readers, about everything I ate this year. I had some of the best meals of my life, tried new and exotic cuisines, and even traveled a bit. My pallet and appetite has also changed tremendously this year. 



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In July, I did my first ever challenge where I gave up meat for 31 days. I remember the day before I was panicking, eating all the bacon I could find. I did not know how I was going to go one week, let alone 4 weeks, without any form of meat. But, I did it! I ate pasta noodles made out of zucchini, I learned how to make veggie pizzas, and I tried quinoa. I never felt that I missed the meat, either. Sure, it was easier to walk into a restaurant and order a bacon cheeseburger with a side of pork, but having this limitation on my diet forced me to try new foods – foods I never thought I would be eating in a million years. 

I also got to travel quite a bit in 2014. From visiting my family in Florida to going on a cruise to the Bahamas to spending the weekend in Washington DC, I got the chance to try a whole bunch of great new foods and restaurants. 


I think, maybe, one of the best things this blog has brought me this year was the interest to start cooking! I never in my life thought I would be the guy rushing home from work, turning on the stove to boil green beans while I have chicken breasts marinating. I have cooked some pretty amazing meals this year including an entire Thanksgiving Dinner. I think, aside from buying the Olive Garden’s All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Pass, this was the most rewarding thing I’ve done all year. 

Looking back at the 63 posts I wrote this year (wow…that’s a lot of wasted time…) it’s hard for me to pick a favorite meal. I do know that I have a newfound love for tapas restaurants. I used to hate sharing food, but now my favorite thing to do is go with a friend or group of friends and order a bunch of small plates, share the food and share a good laugh.


Food, this year, has truly brought me closer to some of my friends. You don’t realize it, but food has the power to change relationships. You find out the similar likes and interests of types of food and restaurants and it has the power to bond you.  There are people in my phone that I know I can call to go to The Cork N’ Fork in the East Village for a bottle of red wine and jamon croquettes and there are other people in my phone I can meet up at The Outback Steakhouse and pig-out on cheese fries and a bloomin’ onion.


Blogging about my meals has been such a fantastic and fun experience for me and I am truly grateful for those of you that read my blog and share it on social media. For me, it is like a cloud-based scrapbook; something I can open and see pictures and read stories about some of the best nights I have had in New York City. 



WORST MEAL OF 2014: GREEN BEAN QUINOA SALAD (Sorry, Lacy...better luck next time?) 


This year has some really great things coming up – so stay tuned! I am going to be participating in a brand new challenge, traveling out of state, and going on a macaroni and cheese crawl. Please send me your articles from your meals – I would love to post them!


I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Here’s to 2015! May this year find us love, happiness, and an insatiable appetite. 


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