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November 7th is my actual birthday and there is no other place I would want to go celebrate than The Outback Steakhouse. OBSH is probably my all-time favorite restaurant. My parents taught me to enjoy the finer things in life. I know what you’re thinking: I was a spoiled kid growing up.

…wrapped in bacon.


While everyone was escaping the cold in their apartment, swaddled in blankets and binge-watching House of Cards(something I do every night), I went out to dinner.

There is a restaurant in Melbourne, Florida that is pretty famous. If you are from Brevard County, you have been there to celebrate at least one birthday or special occasion, and you definitely went there for your junior prom. The restaurant I am referring to is Makotos.

For any of you that have been living under (Plymouth) rock, yesterday was Thanksgiving, which is the holiday of the three F’s: Family, Friends, and Food. Out of those three, clearly my favorite part of Thanksgiving is the food.

Many of you have been badgering me about writing another post of me cooking a meal, so to please my seventeen followers, I have obliged your request.

Not a year goes by where I don't leave the cold weather in New York and head down to Orlando, Florida. Even at 28, going to visit Disney still makes me feel like a kid again. Check out my latest culinary adventures.

Yesterday was every food lovers dream: Thanksgiving! I am sure you are all still in a food coma – believe me, I am too. This post is going to be a little different than my others, mainly because this year, my roommate and I decided to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner for ourselves. 

While everyone was busy traveling back to their hometown for the holidays, my roommate and I decided it would be nice to spend Christmas in New York City. 

One of the best parts about sitting at an office all day, watching the clock, is the possibility of meeting up with a friend and going to happy hour. And this past Wednesday, I did just that.

I love cheeseburgers, if you couldn’t tell. And I am always in search for the next best burger. Whenever I go out to eat to a new restaurant, I always want to try something new. But, more times than I am afraid to admit, I order a cheeseburger . 

Little Italy is one of my favorite areas in the city when it comes to eating good food at a reasonable price. Normally, all of the restaurants located on Mulberry Street are pretty similar, so it doesn’t really matter which ones you go to. 

Don’t Worry, Bibi Happy is the tagline of Bibi Wine Bar located in the East Village, and it is impossible to be anything but happy when you go here for happy hour after work. 

I enjoy going out with friends and collectively decide on what we should get to share. I really feel you can tell a lot about someone by the types of tapas that they eat. Those who say “let’s get a few orders of patatas bravas and the mac and cheese” are my best friends

So, it’s not very often that I, The Hunger James, have the opportunity to visit restaurants categorized with 4 dollar signs. 3 is usually pushing it. But, after meeting downtown at work, my boss decided to treat us for a job well done and took us to The Capital Grill, located just across the street. 

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